Producers Cooperative Oil Mill, a 67 year veteran in processing cottonseed in the Southern Plains, has expanded its capabilities to include processing canola for food and bio-fuels. Read more»

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Canola Price Delivered PCOM/OKC      4-22-2014

Delivery Month:            Price Per Bushel                   Previous Price                           Change      
APR.  2014                    $9.03 per bushel                     $9.23 per bushel                      -$0.20

New Crop
June 2014                     $9.46 per bushel                     $9.71 per bushel                      -$0.25
July 2014                       $9.46 per bushel                     $9.71 per bushel                      -$0.25

PCOM Grade & Discount Schedule will Apply.
Pricing can only be done during Marketing Hours. 8:30 am - 1:15pm Monday - Friday
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